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Creatively Collaborative Storytelling Card Game 

Pitch it to Me Card Game!

This is your chance to pitch the next hit film or tv show! Pitch It To Me is an entertaining card game that builds collaboration and creativity through the journey of storytelling.


Pitch It To Me Scenarios 

Pitch It To Me can be played in many settings for different purposes!

Family & Friends

Gather your love ones and get creative in an intimate setting

Educational Tool

Great for critical thinking in the classroom.

Events & Workshops

Host an interactive experience for your community.


Generate new ideas for your next story.

Team Building 

Promote collaboration and creativity with your group.

Sandbox Free Play

Adapt for your unique circumstances.


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Pitch It To Me is building creative community! 


Have ideas? Questions? Concerns? Get in contact with the Pitch It To Me team. Community building is at our core. Connect with us!


Phone:860-681-5715  /   Email:

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