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About Pitch It To Me 

How The Game Started


During his time at USC film school, the creator of Pitch It To Me, Derek Garlington, adapted a classroom exercise into a game he could play at the bar with friends for his birthday. 

Intense studies caused him to put the idea aside. However years later, Derek's now business partner Saleem heard about the game and invited Derek to host a game night at Soho House. Within a few weeks, they refined the game into the prototype of Pitch It To Me. The event brought out a crowd of 70 people and blew Derek's expectations out of the water. Seeing Pitch It To Me fill a need in his creative community inspired Derek to take the game to the next level. 

The Goal of Pitch it to Me


Playing Pitch It To Me is an engaging process that forms friendships, brings laughter and provokes competitive creativity. Whether it’s played by professional filmmakers or a class of high schoolers, unforgettable bonds will be formed.  We believe everyone should have the chance to flex their imagination and creative muscles.  

We plan to expand Pitch it to Me way beyond just a card game. There is already a strong community around PITM. As we continue to grow, our ability to provide a platform for storytellers will flourish further. 

Past Pitch It To Me Events


Teams of 1-5 storytellers join together as pitching squads. They will be pitching to another set of players who represent Film/TV executive judges. The film executives evenly distribute the category cards between the teams. 


On the front of the category card are 5 prompts. Each team combines 3-5 individual prompts from the category cards then merges the ideas together to create a compelling story. These storytellers will brainstorm then pitch their film/tv idea to the executives for an opportunity to win prestigious awards listed on their executive awards card. The executives will confer amongst themselves to decide which pitches win awards with Best Picture/Pitch being the highest accolade. 


“I would want to play this everyday because it's so fun! It's a run of the imagination!”


“It's so cool that we were able to create together. I think our idea was so exciting. I got to meet new friends and I just had the best time!.”


“I felt like it brought everyone together. It was such a fun time to talk film, pitch stuff and it was very creative. I loved it.”

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